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a non-profit organization

Mission statement: Our primary mission is to provide a club environment where k-9 personal protection for civilians and their dogs can be practiced under the supervision of  qualified trainers

Our secondary mission is to provide certified pre-trained dogs to homes that will allow them to live out the rest of their lives as family pets.

What makes Citizen K9 Club different from other working dog clubs

There are many definitions of what a "working dog" is. They all are bred or trained to perform tasks that help humans such as guard dogs, herding dogs and service dogs. Since we are dealing with protection dogs, we will focus our discussion to that area.

There are many clubs that call themselves protection dog clubs or bite clubs, but in reality they are for sport, not work. Yes, the dogs will bite, but biting alone does not make for a true protection dog. This is not to say that a sport dog will not protect you but there training often make them less affective. For example are many martial arts schools where you’ll learn forms (preset self-defense moves), board breaking and perhaps spar with full padding. You may be very good at what you learned but you still have not been prepared for the street.

However a person that trains for combat or real life street situations probably does not follow preset moves, does not break boards and possibly will never have a trophy or a black belt.  This person will have a set of highly useful, no nonsense skills that will give him/her the edge in a life or death situation.

The same holds true to training with our dogs. When we train a dog for sport, we are gearing the training to a set of exercises that were either created to test the dogs to see if they will make good prospective breeding animals or simply to have fun.  Again, this is not to say that the dog will not protect you, but how the dog is trained is how the dog will react.

Most sport clubs are designed for a particular breed of dog. Schutzhund of German Shepherds and Ring Sport for Belgium Malenois. The handler, dog and decoy work pre set exercises that test the dog. A judge watches the activity and give marks for how well they moved, jumped, took a bite, etc.

The true protection dog will not be judged on movement and will not be taking home the gold. What this dog will do is meet the threat head on and fight to the best of its ability.  No games, just real life.

At The Citizen K9 Protection Dog Club, we pull from years of military, law enforcement and security training to give you and your dog the most up to date and street proven methods of protecting yourself and loved ones.  You and your dog will be part of the club only after the two of you have completed the Personal Protection Dog Program. Strict guidelines and testing are followed to document your progress.

Once you become members of the club, you will train with like-minded people and dogs that have worked hard and passed similar testing and training. This is a club to refine your skills, keep up with what you have learned and to share knowledge and experiences that will enhance the future of the working K9.  Yes, we are a club and have fun doing what we do. But keep in mind, we are here to work and to help keep you and your dog in top fighting condition.

The Protection Dog Club